Ok, what am I doing here?

About three weeks ago I saw Bob Brown talk at the University of Canberra. He talked about many issues I feel strongly about. It was nothing drastically new, but refreshing to hear someone with his public profile discuss such things. However, his talk did make me think about my actions and what I can be doing. It is easy, as someone who wishes the world was different – for whatever reason – to lament that the government is not doing what they should be, or corporations are not taking their responsibilities seriously. But these bodies function based on the actions of the people. If enough people voice their opinions strongly enough, a democratic government will act. If consumers start taking their dollars elsewhere, corporations will act. I know this, but it is so simple in the consumption based, time poor society of today to neglect it.

I feel that people have, in many cases, lost the ability to think for themselves. Critical thinking is too rare. There are many blames for this; a deterioration of education, a biased media network, a culture that encourages laziness and egocentrism. Fundamentally, though, critical thinking underpins the advancement of mankind. The blame can be shifted, but people need to start helping themselves. It is our responsibility to shape the world we want and to take this duty seriously.

I have just finished my undergraduate studies and am about to enter the full-time workforce. I am scared to forget how to think critically and to remember that it is my responsibility to do what I can to make the world a better place. I am worried that I will become someone who simply exists and takes the opinions of mainstream media as gospel. I can see this happening already – my daily newsfix is predominately breakfast shows that discuss important subjects such as Kate’s baby bump. I am concerned that I will neglect to give the issues that I find important the attention they deserve.

So begins this blog. This blog is a commitment to myself to make sure I am doing my bit to shape the world. Every fortnight I am going to consider an issue that I find important, or that I feel the need to know more about. I will state facts and decide what I think is right. Then, I will act. While this is predominately for myself, I hope to present this in a manner that will enable others to think for themselves, form their own opinions, and act as they see fit too.

Featured image credit: Me. Berlin, 2011


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